C-Sharp Technologies, Inc. is a custom software engineering and services company. As the very name of our company suggests visual acuity, so we at C-Sharp share a clear vision for our company:

Our business is to partner with our clients and to enable their success through superior software solutions and related services.

This perspective drives every aspect of our business, and distinguishes us from typical software consulting firms. To our clients, this distinction is vital for several reasons.

First, our goal with each client relationship is a partnership. Any software company can write software to plug holes or fill a niche. At C-Sharp, we provide solutions. We first develop a thorough understanding of the project scope, its business and technical objectives, and its constraints. From this "big picture" perspective, we join the client in establishing the roles and responsibilities of each project contributor. Some clients outsource all of the software development to C-Sharp; others outsource pieces and depend upon C-Sharp to be a part of the integration team in bringing the project together. Still others require specialized training for their personnel. In all of these cases, C-Sharp affords clients a reliable, seamless extension to in-house resources.

Second, our own definition of success relies upon helping our clients succeed. This focus creates vital synergy in our client relationships. We have a stake in each client's success, and are dedicated to rigorous standards of excellence in providing software solutions and services toward that end.

In creating software we employ structured, proprietary software development and project management processes to ensure a robust and complete product delivered in a timely manner. These practices include detailed project documentation and scheduling, constant communication with the client, and staged delivery based on a series of intermediate milestones.

Finally, C-Sharp envisions far more than software development. We provide our clients professional expertise in the discipline of information technology, which sometimes implies software development. However, C-Sharp also provides customized tools and formal instruction in the areas of project management and software development processes. With these services, C-Sharp passes this knowledge on by customizing our proven methods to each client's unique situation and instructing them in implementing those methods. In this regard, C-Sharp assumes a mentoring role, helping our clients plan for and achieve their own repeatable successes.