What We Do

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, C-Sharp Technologies provides expertise and services which address the entire software development cycle, from requirements gathering and definition, prototyping, analysis, and design to project management, implementation, and quality assurance. We have extensive experience in the development of desktop, client/server, and Internet/Intranet applications, and our current focus is solely on Windows application development and Internet products for Microsoft platforms. This limited scope allows C-Sharp personnel to concentrate our energies and develop significant expertise in these areas.

A key operating principle at C-Sharp is that we as a company must focus on our core competencies, and create strategic partnerships to provide the expertise for other business and technical requirements. We recommend that our clients do the same. Just as lawyers and accountants provide professional services in their respective areas, so C-Sharp provides information technology services to meet each client's business and technology objectives. In the relationship between a client and C-Sharp, if we each focus on what we do best, we create synergy and a win/win scenario as we both emphasize and operate out of our areas of strength and expertise.

How We Do It

Our basic business model can be summarized as follows.

  1. Work with the client to identify problems and define project scope.
  2. Agree upon goals and success criteria for the project; establish client expectations.
  3. Propose a detailed solution. Design the solution to use appropriate technologies and tools, and to satisfy project schedules and other constraints.
  4. Produce the solution, working either in partnership with client staff or as an alternative to client resources. In either case, apply consistent project management techniques, including staged delivery.

Who We Are

C-Sharp is a diversified team of software professionals focused on software engineering excellence. We strive to demonstrate integrity in all business practices, from honest and ethical interaction with each other and with our clients to a quest for perfection in all products and services. The corporate environment at C-Sharp promotes and rewards personal responsibility, empowerment, and collaboration.

In our daily operation, we emphasize long term relationships and whole solutions. Internally, we are a team with shared responsibility for the successes of C-Sharp and of our clients. In professional contacts, we are far removed from the competitive model of consulting firms as placement agencies for supplemental staff. Rather, we have partnered with local and national consulting firms to provide their customers with the high caliber solutions C-Sharp represents. These same priorities carry over in relating to our clients, where we strive to consistently exceed expectations.