Our Services

C-Sharp, as a software engineering company, provides application development expertise. Our team has proven ability both in Object-Oriented techniques and in Multi-tiered architecture. Moreover, all of our solutions incorporate the principle of scalability, affording the client utmost flexibility and compatibility with future enhancements or revision requirements. We can fulfill the complete role of a software development group, taking responsibility for all phases of the project. Or, we can serve as an extension to the client's staff to whom the client outsources a particular piece or phase of development.

However, we are not the traditional consulting company.

We are dedicated to providing excellent solutions for the full scope of each client's problems. This implies far more than completing assigned tasks or fulfilling contractual obligations. Specifically, we approach every project from an overall process perspective, using our model of the full Product Life Cycle (PLC), from concept definition through product discontinuation.

Because the PLC concept is so central to C-Sharp services, the following list provides a basic outline.


Concept: Gather and explore ideas; set project goals.

Requirements: Define product needs and functionality.


Design: Propose and verify product architecture, components, interfaces, and data.

Implementation: Construct the product and verify components.

Validation: Evaluate the product against the requirements.


Packaging and Delivery: Manufacture, package, and deliver the product.

Support: Support the use of the product throughout the customer base.


Retirement: Phase out support for the product.

C-Sharp helps companies plan for and achieve success using the proven approach of the Product Life Cycle as a tool. In the Definition phase, we develop and understand the big picture, defining the product concept and requirements, and listing criteria for success. In the Development phase we partner with clients to help them achieve that success, first through thorough design and then through structured implementation. Finally, C-Sharp's consulting services address practices and documentation that pertain to Production and Discontinuation phases in addition to the earlier phases.